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Roxy Steel

Work with Roxy today

Roxy puts people experience first in everything she does. She is authentic, disruptive and an experimentalist this is what sets Roxy apart with her unique style and agility. 

Roxy has over 10 years of experience Human Resources across the private and public sector. She works with individuals and leaders at all levels to achieve what is most important to them personally or professionally through coaching and facilitation. 

Services offered

  • In person / online coaching

  • In person / online workshop facilitation and design

  • Workshop blueprint design and debreif


Mā mua ka kite a muri, mā muri ka ora a mua

Those who lead give sight to those who follow, those who follow give life to those who lead


Let’s Connect

Connect with me now to talk about how my coaching or facilitation services can help you today.

​+64 027 815 8647

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