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Contact Roxy Steel today for a free 15minute conversation about how we can design a workshop that meets your needs.

Roxy offers various facilitation options such as creating a blueprint for you to run your own workshop or designing and facilitating a workshop to meet the outcomes you are looking to achieve.

Workshop Blue Print

This option is great for teams who may not have the budget for a facilitator but need a workshop designed to ensure you achieve the outcomes with the time you have. Roxy can provide you a blueprint with everything you need to successfully run your workshop or team day. 

Flexible Team

Roxy can support you and your team/s to find flexible working that works for the organisation, customer, team and individuals.

Team Building

Roxy will work with you to design a interactive team building session to get your team better connected and working together.

These workshops can be run in person or virtual.


Do you have specific outcomes you want to achieve and not sure what is the best way to do it. Roxy will work with you to create a custom plan ensuring you achieve what you need.

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