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What is the Emotional Culture Deck

The Emotional Culture Deck gives voice to our emotions.

The card deck has one emotion on each card. There are white cards which have emotions written on them that we may not want to feel but recognise we may feel them sometimes. There are black cards which have emotions written on them that we do want to feel more often.

The card deck can be used in many ways from building a culture canvas for your team identifying how you want your team to feel at certain experience moments that matter. Alternatively they can be used individually or as an ice breaker to reflect on how we felt last week and how we want to feel next week.

The emotional culture deck can also be used for:

  1. Leadership development

  2. Employee engagement

  3. Team culture

  4. Change leadership

  5. Stakeholder engagement

  6. Employee experience

  7. Team mergers

  8. Recruitment and onboarding

  9. Team check ins

  10. Conflict resolutions


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